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You can announce your donation where President Ahtisaari is not present (like the social media). Pick an image below and challenge your friends, a Finnish company or a political decision-maker to join in the mother of all whip-rounds to promote continuity in peace work.



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Thanks to everyone who participated in Finland’s biggest and most secret group gift. Together we raised over 600,000 € — over 15 peace negotiation rounds!

You can still support CMI’s work by donating here. Follow CMI’s channels to see how this and future donations are used to make the world a better place.

Money Collection Permit number POL-2015-12224. The permit is valid between 1 December 2015 and 30 November 2017 in the whole of Finland excluding Åland.

What is this about?

When President Martti Ahtisaari turns 80 in June, the whole Finland will be in on it. We are bringing Finns together to give him what he has wished for all his life: more peace. The campaign is raising money for the CMI organisation founded by Nobel peace laureate Ahtisaari. CMI works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts through mediation and dialogue all over the world. But let’s keep the whip-round a surprise. Let’s not tell Martti yet.

The world could always use a bit more peace. The fastest way to achieve peace is through negotiations, not war. One day of war costs 4 billion euros, but one round of peace negotiations mediated by CMI only costs 40,000 euros.

Let’s work together and get the whole of Finland involved in this whip-round in order to raise money for the peace mediation undertaken by CMI, an organisation founded by peace laureate Martti Ahtisaari, to enable them to continue their important work.

Let’s join our forces and donate as many rounds of peace negotiations as possible to celebrate the 80th birthday of Martti Ahtisaari and the 100th anniversary of Finland.

Download a campaign brochure (PDF) here.

The secret has already been kept for

This is how to keep the secret
from Mr Ahtisaari until his birthday
celebrations on 15 June:

  • If you meet Martti, act normal and talk about the weather, for example.
  • You are welcome to discuss the #donttellmartti campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.
  • If you are a journalist, do not under any circumstances write a story about the campaign in the following media: print newspapers, TV news, TV talk shows, Yle radio channels.
  • If you are a journalist, you are welcome to write about the campaign on the website of your publication, for example.

CMI and Finnish peace work abroad

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is an organisation based in Finland and involved in conflict resolution. It uses negotiation and dialogue to prevent and resolve violent conflicts. Nobel peace laureate Martti Ahtisaari founded the organisation in 2000, after stepping down as President of Finland. Today, CMI is one of the leading operators in its field.

The objective of CMI is to build lasting peace together with any party involved in a conflict. The cornerstones of CMI activities are expertise and independence. Internationally, it is known as a reliable actor whose work is not tied to interests within great power politics.


The average cost of one round of peace negotiations mediated by CMI is 40,000 euros – the cost of warfare is 4 billion euros a day.


Peace negotiations have been found to be among the most effective ways of resolving conflicts. Most conflicts can be resolved through negotiations or political processes, while only a small portion are ended by going to war. Relatively small investments can achieve significant results and avoid war.

Finland has a long history of violent conflicts – and how to survive them. Finns have participated in peace work around the world and we are famous for it. CMI is an important link in this chain: it is our chance as Finns to support the promotion of mutual understanding and cooperation in societies torn by violent conflicts.


“Peace is a question of will. All conflicts can be settled, and there are no excuses for allowing them to become eternal.”

– President Martti Ahtisaari, Founder, CMI


Our wish is that everyone in Finland joins in the whip-round to celebrate the 80th birthday of Martti Ahtisaari. Even a small donation will help CMI continue its important work for world peace. Our humble wish is that people and companies will share the campaign: to each other, to other companies and political decision-makers. But remember that President Ahtisaari must not hear about the campaign until 15 June 2017!

Those donating more than €1,000 can provide their logo/name to be posted on this page, and those donating more than €5,000 can provide their logo/photo and a short text. For those donating €10,000 or more, CMI will provide additional visibility and invitations to their events in 2017.

Over 9,300 private donors

Average donation 18.70 €


Atte Palomäki / Wärtsilä
Maria Bondestam / Eva Ahlströmin Säätiö
Pekka Vauramo / Finnair
Risto Tornivaara / Danske Bank Finland
Minna Aila / Nokia

War destroys people’s futures and dreams. Women and children are especially vulnerable, and they are at the core of our foundation’s work. The best investment for their wellbeing is to support conflict prevention and resolution – what CMI does best. We are very proud of Finnish peace mediation and want to support CMI’s work by donating one round of peace negotiations. We believe that one can and should make a difference. Now we all have the opportunity.

– Maria Bondestam, Chair,
The Eva Ahlström Foundation

For years, Niemi has been involved in supporting CMI’s and President Ahtisaari’s work on peace and conflict resolution. It’s wonderful that one of the world’s most important peace negotiation organisations comes from Finland.

– Esa Niemi, Director of Corporate Relations,
Niemi Palvelut Oy

We at Lumon are proud to be involved in supporting Finnish peace mediation around the world. Highly international and export-oriented business operations are everyday life for Lumon, and are vital for our survival. This is something we have in common with many other Finnish companies. The business world cannot afford to turn its back on what’s happening in the world. In today’s world, wars and violence have far-reaching consequences for all of us. So it’s especially important, in such uncertain times, to lay the foundations for stability wherever it is lacking. We warmly wish Martti a happy birthday, and wish Finnish peace-builders continued success!

– Tapani Kinnunen, Chairman of the Board,

When you want peace, just say CMI! Peace is built one moment at a time, through interactions, dialogue, and respect. CMI’s conflict resolution is a top-class Finnish product, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to be part of this, right where peace is being negotiated. We warmly congratulate Martti!

– Christoph Vitzthum, President & CEO,
Fazer Group

Tana Oy is delighted and privileged to be able to support a Finnish conflict resolution professional. As environmental technology professionals, it’s essential for us to promote peace and to improve the living and working conditions in societies. We support CMI because we strongly believe that peace is the essential foundation for all wellbeing and all prosperity.

All of us at Tana thank Martti Ahtisaari for his indispensable work for peace, and warmly wish him a memorable birthday!

– Kari Kangas, Managing Director,
Tana Oy

With our company’s 123 years of experience, we know that trading promotes peace, and that peace fosters commerce. That is why we support CMI.

– Alexander Bargum, CEO,
Algol Group

Because Finland is a small nation, peace, and the lack of it, have a greater effect on us than on many other countries. That is why CMI’s work to resolve and prevent conflicts is important for us. We at Aspo have brought people together across borders. We want to contribute to mutual understanding between people, despite differences of outlook.

– Aki Ojanen, CEO,
Aspo Plc

Our mission is to make the world more comprehensible, and in that way to make it a better place. Martti Ahtisaari and CMI do just that: they create understanding among people through open communication. In a disordered world, this is extremely important. CMI’s work can prevent a tremendous amount of suffering, and create new opportunities for millions of people. We knew immediately that we wanted to be part of this.

– Kirsi Piha, Chair of the Board,
Ellun Kanat


CMI works to solve the world’s crises where they happen – and to do that, you have to go to where they are occurring. We have great appreciation for this brave and valuable peace work, and it is our great honour to be able to cooperate with CMI personnel on ensuring smooth travel to often-difficult destinations. Our cooperation is based on total trust, since the start of negotiations, dates, and other necessary information are as a rule strictly confidential. We want to support CMI’s peace work through this campaign also. We thank Martti Ahtisaari for his wonderful work, and send him our warmest birthday greetings!

Virpi Paasonen, CWT, Zone Director, Nordic

Peace and tolerance are the cornerstones of humanity, and Makia is proud to support groundbreaking Finnish work in this area. We thank Martti Ahtisaari for his outstanding efforts, and we send the warmest birthday wishes!

Joni Malmi, founding partner and brand director, Makia Clothing Oy

We support CMI because we strongly believe that peace is the foundation of everything.

August Ludvig Hartwallin säätiö

Surprise Martti! Supercell is proud to support CMI’s and your great work to building lasting peace throughout the world.

lkka Paananen, Supercell

We wish to support the legacy of Martti Ahtisaari, an exceptional statesman and peacemaker. This legacy will continue through the work carried out by CMI in the world’s conflict areas.

The Ehrnrooth foundations

On ilo tukea uraauurtavaa kansainvälistä rauhanvälitystyötä.

Sophia Ehrnrooth/PlayArt Productions

Emme voi sivuuttaa maailman tapahtumia – yksityisinä ihmisinä tai yrityksinä. Rauha ja yhteistyö ovat ihmisyyden ja siten myös yritystoiminnan perusta. CMI:n työ konfliktien ratkaisemiseksi ja ehkäisemiseksi on meille ensiarvoisen tärkeää, ja olemme ylpeitä saadessamme tukea tätä hienoa toimintaa. Lämpimät onnittelut Martille ja menestystä CMI:lle rauhantyöhön!

Heikki Kyöstilä, Perustaja ja toimitusjohtaja, Planmeca Group



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